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Wireless Driveway Alarm, J N Star JNWR-6 With 20m Beams


Wireless driveway alarm with long distance infrared beam sensors.

Unlike most cheap driveway alarms available that are set off by cats,birds and falling leaves, the beams on this alarm are dual beams which means both beams have to be broken at the same time to trigger the alarm cutting out endless false alarms

This system can be used for monitoring driveways or for outdoor intrusion-detection. The beams are solar powered and have an impressive detecting range of 20 metres and an even more impressive wireless transmission range back to the receiver of up to 200 metres, and this can be extended up to 1400 metres by using the solar charger repeater system !!

We also stock beams with a range of 40m, 60m and 100m if a greater detection range is required.

We can also supply beams that run off a mains powered adapter instead of solar power, these can also be used indoors.

The battery powered active security beams are kept charged up by the built-in solar panels and they will work for 30 days without any daylight. Where beams have to be installed in shady locations the concern of restricted daylight can be greatly reduced by using the additional solar panel which comes complete with a 1 metre long cable. 

When the beams are activated they will transmit a wireless radio signal up to 200 metres (line of sight) back to the six channel receiver. This can be extended up to 1400 metres (line of sight) by using the solar charged wireless repeater.

The six channel receiver located back at the house or office is powered by a simple transformer that plugs into a 13-amp wall socket and gives an audible signal (bleep) for 3 or 25 seconds, a visual channel identification LED lights up & activates a N/O dry relay. Up to six sets of beams can be used with this receiver or a mixture of beams, door contacts and PIR's. 

To install the beams you attach them facing each other onto secure & stable wall or posts within 20 metres of each other. They will need lining up using a view finder (supplied) and by simply using a screwdriver to move the sensors vertically & horizontally.

Beam Specification: JNStar JN-DCA-20.
Size of beams: 180 (L) x 75 (W) x 85 (D) mm.
Colour of beams: Black.
Mounting method of beams: Wall or Pole.
Charging method: Built-in solar panel (optional additional solar panels available).
Size of built-in solar panel: 45 x 40 mm.
Size of optional extra solar panel: 80 x 45 mm.
Sensitivity Setting: High or Low (using jumper supplied)
Frequency: 433 Mhz.
Wireless Range: 200 metres (line of sight) 1400 metres (line of sight) using repeater.
Detection Range: 20 metres max.

Receiver Specification: JNStar JNWR-6 
Channel: Six.
Activation: Audible bleep 3 seconds or 25 seconds, visual channel identification light & one N/O dry relay.
Relay status: N/O
Activation Lights: LED
Power: 12v DC
Size: 100 (L) x 70 (W) x 37 (D)mm.
Aerial length: extendable 90 x 290mm.
Mounting Method: Desk only.
Colour: Cream
Wireless Range: 200 metres (line of sight) 1400 metres (line of sight) using repeater.

Available Optional Extra's:
Repeater: Mains or Solar.
Additional Solar Panel with 5 metres of cable.
Siren: Solar & Mains

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