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100m Solar Powered Wireless Infrared Beam Detector

  • £7500

Solar Powered Wireless Infrared Beam Detector 100m.

This is a pair of wireless, solar powered infrared detectors suitable for connecting to an existing or new wireless alarm working on 433mhz.

The beams are designed to monitor boundaries of gardens, farmyards, stables, building sites, driveways etc to give outdoor perimeter protection from intruders

More than one pair can be used to cover all perimeters.

You receive a transmitter and a detector for wall or post mounting up to 100m apart. If anything breaks the three infrared beams the transmitter sends a wireless signal back to the alarm panel. The distance of signal from the detectors to the panel is up to 50m in the open.

Easy to set up with no wiring or power supplies. The units have lithium rechargeable batteries built in and are charged from the inbuilt solar panels to power the units in the dark.

Ultra secure ideal as alarms for farms.

An introductory film of these beams can be viewed on the youtube link below.

1.100m a solar wireless infrared beam detector using the new optical system: wide angle aspheric lens, with small size, but larger effective aperture.

2.This solar wireless infrared beam detector has high degree of reliability.

3.The solar infrared beam detector wireless has triple beams designed to effectively minimize the false alarms caused by birds and fallen leaves.

4.The solar infrared beam detector wireless has exterior lighting defensive function.

5.The solar infrared beam detector wireless can effectively solve the interference problems of sunshine, headlight, and fluorescent lamps.  

6.Dew and frost countermeasure: This solar Infrared detector uses ultrasonic wave structure to prevent dewing and frosting.

7.Insect protection: Sealed optical system to avoid the interference caused by insects.