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Wired Perimeter Alarm With Wireless Siren

  • £12000

Wired perimeter alarm with wireless siren

This is a professional mains powered wired alarm system complete with one pair of wired infrared beams with a range of up to 100m between them and a receiver control box with an 85db buzzer controlled by remote controls and wireless siren/strobe.

This alarm can be used for many applications such as a perimeter alarm for detecting intruders on a boundary, garden, driveway, stables, warehouse, shop or yard etc.  
The 85db buzzer and siren can be easily set to sound from 5 seconds to 999 seconds and can be armed or disarmed by the remote controls supplied.  
There is a connection inside for connecting an external wired siren or lighting controller etc.

The range of detection between the detectors is an impressive 100m.
They can be mounted outdoors or indoors.
Designed for easy D.I.Y. installation.
High quality infra-red transmitter and detector with fixing kit ideal for intruder detection or driveways.
Beam specifications   Distance: 100m 
  •  Light Angle: 3m. 
     Location: External or internal.
  •  Fast Response speed:
  •  Power: DC10.5~18v 
     Temp Range: -25°C - 55°C 
     Material: ABS resin 
Fix to wall or post with saddles and bolts provided.
Dual beam helps to reduce false alarms. Both beams require breaking before the alarm is  triggered. Single beam detectors give false alarms caused by birds, leaves etc.
Indoor or outdoor use.  
A 3 core cable, (not supplied ), will be required between the control box and the beams.

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