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Wireless GSM Perimeter Alarm Kit With Solar Powered Wireless Beams.G10A


Wireless GSM alarm suitable for DIY installation. Model G10A.

Wireless GSM Alarm With Solar Powered Beams

Wireless GSM alarm system with wireless perimeter detection ideal for DIY installation.

Model G10A controlled by remote keyfobs, android smartphone or iphone app.

Detect intruders BEFORE your home is entered with our solar powered wireless perimeter detectors.

Placed up to 100m apart across driveways, garden boundaries, farmyards the detectors send out an infrared beam which when broken sends a wireless signal up to 30m back to the alarm panel to trigger it.


The G10A alarm is a modern wireless GSM alarm system easily installed and set up as a DIY installation, no wiring involved

Insert a standard SIM and the G10A alarm will call up to six phone numbers and up to three text messages when a sensor is triggered,


The sim on the link below is good value

The alarm panel features two way talking and can be armed, disarmed, settings changed anytime and anywhere by your smartphone.

Simple to set up and use with the scope for adding many more wireless detectors, PIRs, window/door contacts etc.


The dual beam detectors offer protection for property boundaries, farmyards, stables, yards etc.

The alarm can be controlled by an android or iPhone app if required or manually with the remote controls.

For additional PIR's, door contacts, remotes and alarm accessories for this alarm system please view our other listings.

Visit the Google Play Store on the link below to download the free app.

The iphone app is on the link below.

* iPhone/Smart Phone APP.

* Two-way Intercom.

* High-definition voice.

* Programming for zones.

* 99 wireless Zones, 2 wired zones.

* 99 Zones, each zone can be renamed.

* Easy to code with Sensors/Detectors.

* Up to 3 groups of Timely Arm/Disarm.

* Remotely Arm/Disarm/monitor/Intercom.

* The Standard ADMECO Contact ID Protocol.

* 10 zones are available for Voice Recording.

* Voice prompt from Siren while arming/disarming by keyfob.

* Internal Re-Chargeable Battery for the back-up of power failure.

* Up to 6 phone numbers to Dial out & 3 SMS Mobile numbers to send SMS on alarm.

Specifications for alarm panel:

Input: DC 12V

Built-in backup battery: DC 7.2V

Standby Current: ≤25mA

Alarming Current: ≤450mA

Transmission Range: ≤100m (Open space/No interference)

Frequency: 433MHz(±75KHz), 2262/4.7MΩ 1527/300K

GSM Frequency Range: Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Siren Volume: 120dB

Max Wireless Accessories: 8 remote controllers, 99 detectors

Work Temperature: -10°C - +50°C

Work Humidity: ≤85 %

The solar powered infrared detectors:-

The detectors are designed to monitor boundaries of gardens, farmyards, stables, building sites, driveways etc to give outdoor perimeter protection from intruders

More than one pair can be used to cover all perimeters.

You receive a transmitter and a detector for wall or post mounting up to 100m apart. If anything breaks the three infrared beams the transmitter sends a wireless signal back to the alarm panel. The distance from the detectors to the panel is up to 30m in the open.



Easy to set up with no wiring or power supplies. The units have lithium rechargeable batteries built in and are charged from the inbuilt solar panels to power the units in the dark.



Warning distance







Detection Mode

2 beams are intercepted simultaneously



Inductive Speed


Alarm Output

Wireless alarm signal

Power Supply Voltage

Solar panel, built in 3.7V lithium battery

Current Consumption

Light projector and light receiver≤04.mA

Wireless transmission frequency


Wireless transmission distance

30m in open field

Operating temp.


Solar panel current output

Under 1600Lx sunshine:>1mA

Optical axis adjustable Angle(Horizontal)


Optical axis adjustable Angle(vertical)


Dew and frost countermeasure

Ultrasonic wave structure








Package List:

1 * Wireless Alarm Panel(Battery Included).

1 * Solar Powered Wireless Dual Beam Infrared Detectors 100m
1 * Wireless PIR Motion Sensor(Battery Included)
1 * Wireless Door Sensor(Battery Included)
2 * Remote Controllers
1 * Wired Siren
1 * Power Adapter U.K. Plug
1 * User Manual



To see these detectors on youtube, copy and paste the link below.


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