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Wireless GSM Alarm Kit With Wired Beams.

GSM Wireless Alarm Kit With 100m Perimeter Beams.


Wireless GSM alarm system with perimeter detection.

Model G10A

Detect intruders before your home is entered with our wired detectors.


● Smart Phone APP 
● 99 Zones, each zone can be renamed 
● 10 zones are available for Voice Recording 
● High-definition voice 
● The Standard ADMECO Contact ID Protocol
● 99 wireless Zones,2 wired zones 
● Up to 6 phone numbers to Dial out & 3 SMS Mobile numbers to send SMS on alarm
● Two-way Intercom 
● Up to 3 groups of Timely Arm/Disarm 
● Easy to code with Sensors/Detectors 
● Remotely Arm/ Disarm /monitor / Intercom 
● Programming for zones.
● Internal Re-Chargeable Battery for the back-up of power failure 

This is a wireless alarm panel complete with 1 x wireless PIR  , 1 x wireless door contact, 1x indoor wired sired, 1 x pair of 100m wired dual beam infrared detectors, 2 x remote controls, 1 x power adapter  and user manual.


Please note the dual beams in this kit are wired beams and will require a pair of wires from the panel to the beams.

They will also need 12v power wired to them from the junction box and power adapter supplied.

Install a standard SIM card into the panel and the alarm will call up to six phone numbers and send a text to up to three mobile phones when triggered.

All our detectors have internal antennas not unsightly aerials sticking out of each device and the system works on a legal frequency for the U.K.

The panel features two way talking and can be armed, disarmed, settings changed anytime and anywhere by your smartphone.

Simple to set up and use with the scope for adding many more wireless detectors, PIR's, window contacts etc.

The dual beam infrared detectors offer protection for property boundaries, farmyards, stable yards etc.

The alarm can be controlled by a smart phone, android or iPhone app if required or manually with the remote controls.

For additional PIR's, door contacts, remotes and alarm accessories for this alarm system, please view the accessories collection.

We also sell solar powered wireless perimeter detectors instead of the wired version here...

For the app visit Google Play on the link below to download the free G10A app.

The iphone app is on the link below.

Specifications for alarm panel:

Input: DC 12V
Built-in backup battery: DC 7.2V
Standby Current: ≤25mA
Alarming Current: ≤450mA
Transmission Range: ≤100m(Open space/No interference)
Frequency: 433MHz(±75KHz), 2262/4.7MΩ 1527/300K
GSM Frequency Range: Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Siren Volume: 120dB
Max Wireless Accessories: 8 remote controllers, 99 detectors
Work Temperature: -10°C - +50°C
Work Humidity: ≤85 %

Specifications for perimeter detectors:

High quality infra red transmitter and detector with fixing kit ideal for intruder detection and compatible with most security systems.

These detectors can be used outdoors and indoors and are ideal for intruder detection around the boundary of a property.
They can be connected in pairs to cover a garden boundary or farmyard.
• Distance: 100m 
• Light Angle:3m 
• Location: External 
• Response speed: 50~700msec 
• Power: DC10.5~24v 
• Temp Range: -25°C - 55°C 
• Material: ABS resin 
You will receive one transmitter and one detector that can be spaced up to 100m apart.
Fix to wall or post with saddles and bolts provided.
For perimeter protection of homes, farms, outbuildings, building sites, driveways or electric gates etc 
Dual beam helps to reduce false alarms. Both beams require breaking before the alarm is triggered. Single beam detectors give false alarms caused by birds, leaves etc.
Tamper circuit included.
Indoor or outdoor use.

A short introduction to the beams can be viewed here...

1 * Wireless Alarm Panel(Battery Included)

1 * Wired Dual Beam Infrared Detectors 100m
1 * Wireless PIR Motion Sensor(Battery Included)
1 * Wireless Door Sensor(Battery Included)
2 * Remote Controllers
1 * Wired Siren
1 * Power Adapter U.K. Plug
1 * User Manual

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