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Safety Beams For Automatic Gates Etc.

  • £1900

Safety beams for automatic gates.

A pair of infrared safety beams for automatic gates / garage doors, home security, driveway alarms etc.

Compatible with with most automatic gate manufacturers.

These are suitable for outdoor and indoor use with a range of 15m.

12 or 24v AC/DC power required with a relay output 1A max 36V.

The beams inside can be rotated 180 degrees to allow alignment irrespective of the base fitting.

Normally open or closed contacts.

You receive 1 x transmitter,1 x receiver beam with fixing kit.

Range 15m ( this can be reduced in fog.)

Input current RX 15MA,TX 30MA.

Operating temp 10C-70C

Dimensions 108 x 35 x 30mm


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