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JNStar JNWR-6 Driveway Receiver

  • £6855

JNStar JNWR-6 Driveway Receiver

The small receiver only works with JNStar detectors.

We sell this receiver as an add on to an existing driveway alarm kit. More than one receiver can be added for use in different rooms etc.

The six channel receiver located back at the house or office is powered by a simple transformer that plugs into a 13-amp wall socket and gives an audible signal (bleep) for 3 or 25 seconds, a visual channel identification LED lights up & activates a N/O dry relay. Up to six sets of beams can be used with this receiver or a mixture of beams, door contacts and PIR's. 

Receiver Specification: JNStar JNWR-6 
Channel: Six.
Activation: Audible bleep 3  to 25 seconds, visual channel identification light & one N/O dry relay.
Relay status: N/O
Activation Lights: LED
Power: 12v DC
Size: 100 (L) x 70 (W) x 37 (D)mm.
Aerial length: extendable 90 x 290mm.
Mounting Method: Desk only.
Colour: Cream
Wireless Range: 200 metres (line of sight) 1400 metres (line of sight) using repeater.