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Infrared Detector - detectalarms

JNStar Solar Powered,Wireless Infrared Beams, 60m, J N Star JN-DCA-60


JNStar JN-DCA-60 Solar Powered Wireless Beams


This is a pair of JN Star JN-DCA-60 60m infrared detectorfor use with JN Star wireless driveway alarms and intruder alarms.

They are solar powered with a solar panel on the top of each detector and can be mounted on posts walls etc up to 60m apart.

When the invisible beam between them is broken a signal is sent wirelessly back to the driveway receiver or alarm panel. 

If the detectors are placed in a shady position or are triggered many times a day we also sell separate external solar panels to increase the charge.

Wireless solar repeaters which will increase the distance of the wireless signal up to 1km line of sight.

These detectors only work with JN Star equipment.


If the beams are in a shady area or have limited daylight an external solar cell can be fitted to give an extra boost.




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