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Klaxon Type External Motor Driven Siren


Klaxon Type Motor Driven Siren.

Compatible with a Klaxon Master Blaster 127 siren.

This is an external weatherproof Klaxon type external siren. It is mains powered and controlled by a 12VDC supply.

The siren is very loud and high pitched and can be used outdoors and indoors for maximum effect. When this siren is activated nobody stays to listen.

The siren comes with a two core power lead which is wired to a live and neutral mains power supply through a fused spur.

An earth lead is also attached for connecting to the mains earth supply.

A twin lead attached connects to the positive and negative supply from an alarm panel siren output.

230V AC 50/60Hz motor switched through an internal relay by a 12V DC supply.

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