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Panic Alarm For Shops, Outdoor Wireless Panic Alarm,Businesses, Home

  • £10500

This is a simple to use panic alarm with three wireless panic buttons a junction box and 12v power supply.

The siren and strobe can be mounted indoors or outdoors.

The power supply plugs into the side of the junction box. You would need to supply a small two core cable that connects the junction box to the siren /strobe wherever that is mounted.

The wireless panic buttons would be mounted in discreet places with the double sided adhesive pads supplied.

As the alarm is pre programmed it is ready to use once wired to the power supply.

When the power is turned on a small red LED will show on the base of the siren / strobe.

Press any panic button and the siren will sound and the strobe will flash, press any button again to stop the alarm.

The two tone siren is 110db and is especially deafening if mounted indoors, nobody would stay around when it is sounding.

More panic nuttons can be added.

Siren and strobe assy.

Power 12vdc

Approx height 22cm

Approx width 10cm

Approx depth 19cm

Panic Buttons

Power 12v batteries, supplied

Length 70mm

Width 40mm

Depth 17mm




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