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Wireless 4G Wifi GSM Tuya Alarm System

  • £8800

Please note..this alarm can be used without Wifi if required.

4G GSM Wifi Tuya Wireless Intruder Alarm

This 4G GSM Wifi wireless alarm system sends notifications and alerts directly to your mobile phone. Install the Tuya Smart application (Android and iOS) and you will know every time your alarm system has been armed or disarmed, an alarm has been triggered or configuration changes have been made. Also through the Tuya Smart application, you can create intelligent scenarios, associating the alarm system with other compatible Tuya accessories.

Complete alarm system, ready to use

This 4G wireless alarm system contains all the basic accessories required for immediate use. It includes a motion detector, a magnetic contact for windows or doors, two remote controls (with keys for arming, disarming, partial arming and panic alarm) and a wired indoor siren with a maximum sound intensity of 100dB .
The alarm system supports a maximum of 200 wireless zones and 8 wired zones.

4G GSM communicator

Insert a 4G SIM into the control unit of the alarm system and save a maximum of 6 phone numbers in the system. You can set, for each phone number, to receive SMS or voice call (with personalized message) in case of alarm. You can also receive SMS whenever the system is armed or disarmed or different configuration changes are made.
Also through the built-in GSM 4G module you can configure the alarm system remotely, via SMS. Through a precisely defined syntax for each individual command, you can add and configure phone numbers in the system, set the administrator password and the user password, arm and disarm or query the system.

Arming, disarming, perimeter arming and automatic arming

This alarm system offers multiple solutions to protect your home:
 Total arming : ensures the total protection of the house, activating all internal and external sensors. Setting an exit time (delay) will give the time needed to leave the house until the system is armed.
 Going out arming, stay in arming, 24hour defense zone

A basic kit that can be extended with more detectors.

◆Tuya Smart WiFi 200 Wireless & 8 Wired Zones 4G GSM Home Alarm

◆Each zone can be programmed independently;

◆"Black Box" date record function; 

◆Can set 6 groups of fixed time for arm and disarm; 
◆Hint the function of telephone line error;
◆Can control the system by calling-in: arm, disarm, listening-in etc; 
◆Alarm first and grab-line alarm;
◆Backup battery for countinuous working when power is off/cut;
◆Built-in intelligent voice message;

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